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Future district with an existing history and identity

«Arelerstrooss» is an area of 101.000 m2 in the middle of Luxembourg City, Belair district that will be re-developed in the coming years. Nowadays, it has a historic stadium Josy Barthel, the fire station and a recycling centre that are going to be relocated.


What will the new area look like and would it meet the needs and expectations of the current and future residents of the district as well as its visitors?


Under the initiative by the political party - déi gréng Stad Lëtzebuerg, a participative workshop was organized to engage everyone interested and to explore their opinions and ideas about the future of the area and its identity. All the results were analysed and synthesized in the form of recommendations for the City Council.Defining the needs, finding a consensus.

Jan Glas – yellow ball, organized and facilitated the workshop Arelerstrooss 2025. Through different phases and tailored activities, the participants were actively engaged in the reflection and discussion about their needs and ideas. The emergence of divergent options has fostered reflection, made it possible to identify whether these ideas were really appropriate and helped to formulate the pros and cons.


Emphasis was placed on collaboration: developing an approach in a group to find consensus from the divergent ideas and opinions that emerged during the first phases.

As a result, 8 proposals were developed by the groups: «Nouveau village de Belair», «Jardins du state», «Quartier Josy Barthel», «Lux Village», "WUKK" - Wohnen um einen kommunikativen Kern, Âle Stadioun, Belle-(Ville) Vie.

The results were presented to the mayor and the aldermen.



The workshop was free of charge and open to everyone. Total number of participants was 59 with a mix of different ages and nationalities.


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