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This workshop was set up for Kulturkanal (KUK) and CULTURE.LU to reflect on a possible future collaboration between the two parties. As a result of the workshop a dialogue between the two parties was initiated that will be important for their future cooperation.

The workshop was organised in three phases.

In the first phase the participants were divided into two groups: one group with all the members of KUK and the other group with all the members of The two groups have mutually assessed and communicated the current “state of play”, i.e. the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the other group.

Secondly, the participants were regrouped by mixing the members of KUK and These groups generated ideas and solutions in order to plan a first concrete step towards a collaboration between KUK and

The workshop concluded with the categorization, selection and presentation of the best ideas and the discussion of the next steps to be taken to be well prepared before going to the Ministry of Culture with a proposal.


  • 8 Participants: 3 participants from CULTURE.LU, 5 participants from KUK and 2 Moderators

  • Time: 4 hours of: reflections, discussions, exchanges and presentations

  • Location: meeting room in the Cercle Cité, Luxembourg-City


KUK is a unique online tool for creation, experimentation, promotion and dissemination of art in Europe created by artists, for artists.

KUK was created during the Corona pandemic in 2020, and originates from the "Live aus der Stuff" project of the artist collective MASKéNADA.

CULTURE.LU is a portal for actors and those curious about culture in Luxembourg.'s vision is to develop the visibility of the Luxembourg cultural scene and contribute to its promotion.